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Ignacio Aguilar

Director of Photography

Associate Member A.E.C. Spanish Society of Cinematographers (2015-2019).


American Society of Cinematographers” (ASC) Master Class 2014-2015-2017, Los Angeles, USA.


Stephen H. Burum, Robert Legato, Richard Edlund, John Toll, Robbie Greenberg, Bill Bennett, Dante Spinotti, Josh Pines, Curtis Clark, M. David Mullen, Gabriel Beristáin, Kees Van Ostrum, Bill Taylor, Richard Crudo, Karl Walter Lindenlaub, Sam Nicholson, Don McCuaig, Jim Denault, Amy Vincent, Steven Fierberg, Emmanuel Lubezki, among others.

Social media

Career as a Director of Photography

Feature films

  • La Pasajera (The Passenger, Fernando González Gómez & Raúl Cerezo, 2021) (Red Ranger Gemini + Atlas Orion Anamorphic Lenses) (released in Sitges International Film Festival).
  • Viejos (The Elderly, Raúl Cerezo & Fernando González Gómez, 2022) (Arri Alexa Mini + Atlas Orion Anamorphic Lenses) (post-production).

Short films (Selection of works)

  • 8 (Raúl Cerezo, 2011) (Red One + Zeiss 2.1 & 1.3) (see AMERICAN CINEMATOGRAPHER sept. ’12)
  • Los Prescindibles (Diego Arjona, 2012) (Sony FS100)
  • La Quinta Dimensión (Liteo Deliro, 2013) (Red Epic + Canon K35 + Zeiss Ultra Prime)
  • Malleus Maleficarum (Al Díaz, 2013) (Red MX + Elite Anamorphic Lenses)
  • Si Tuvieran Ojos (Polo Menárguez, 2014) (Red Epic + Elite Anamorphic Lenses)
  • Namnala (Nacho Solana, 2014) (Red Epic + Arri/Zeiss Variable Primes)
  • Por eso no Tengo Hermanos (Paco Cavero, 2014) (Red Epic + Zeiss CP.2)
  • Mr. Dentonn (Iván Villamel, 2014) (Red Epic + Zeiss 1.4 Highspeed)
  • Criaturas de la Tierra (Juan Rubio, 2014) (Red Epic + Elite Anamorphic Lenses)
  • Libby (Juanan Martínez, 2015) (Red Epic + Red Epic Dragon + Cooke S2/S3)
  • One Sted Ahead (Juan & Caque Trueba, 2015) (Arri Alexa ArriRaw + Arri/Zeiss Variable Primes)
  • Por no morir nada más vernos (Carlos Crespo, 2015) (Red Epic Dragon + Zeiss Ultra Prime)
  • La Jaula (Nacho Solana, 2016) (Red Epic Dragon + Elite Anamorphic Lenses)
  • La Chaqueta del Botones (Daniel Tornero, 2016) (Red Epic Dragon + Elite Anamorphic Lenses)
  • Lo Supero (Ainhoa Menéndez Goyoaga, 2017) (Blackmagic Pocket + Zeiss T1.3)
  • Miedos (Germán Sancho, 2018) (Arri Alexa ArriRaw, Cooke TLS)
    Congénita (Polo Menárguez, 2018) (Arri Alexa ArriRaw, Leica Summicron-C)
  • ECO (Aitor de Miguel, 2019) (Arri Alexa ArriRaw, Zeiss Ultra Prime)
    Cicatriz (Carlos G. Velasco, 2019) (Arri Alexa, Zeiss T1.3)
  • La Penumbra (Dani Viqueira, 2020) (Arri Alexa ArriRaw, Atlas-Orion Anamorphic Lenses)
  • La Luz (Iago de Soto, 2021) (Arri Alexa Mini + Zeiss T1.4 High Speeds (additional photography)
  • Habibi (Guillermo Cabot, 2021) (Red Ranger Gemini, Zeiss Ultra Prime)
  • El Semblante (Raúl Cerezo & Carlos Moriana, 2022) (Arri Alexa Mini + Super Baltar TLS)
  • Deshaucio Express (Jorge Río, 2022) (Arri Alexa Mini + Zeiss T1.4 High Speeds)
  • Caraoscura (Germán Sancho & Raúl Cerezo, 2022) (pre-production)

Commercials (selection of works)

  • Nivea “Borra Tus Manchas” (2012) (Red MX + Zeiss Compact Prime) (La Joya Producciones)
  • BBVA “Experiencias” (2012) (Arri Alexa + Zeiss Compact Prime) (La Joya Producciones)
  • Leyre Valiente (2013) (Red MX + UltraScope Anamórfico) (Mordisco Films)
  • Adidas/Real Madrid Dragon (2014) (Red Epic Dragon+ Zeiss Ultra Primes) (Aproductions)
  • Adidas/Real Madrid Sombra (2014) (Red Epic Dragon+ Cooke Varotal 25-250mm MKII) (Aproductions)
  • Centros Ideal (2015) (Red Epic Dragon + Zeiss Compact Prime) (Línea de Fuego)
  • BMW: Make Life a Ride (2015) (Red Epic Dragon + Zeiss Standard 2.1) (Púgil Film)
  • Pizza Grandiosa (2015) (Red Epic Dragon + Ultra Prime) (A Company Man Entertaiment)
  • Cruzcampo “Cruzial (2016) (Red Epic Dragon + Arri Macro) (Ogilvy-Mather)
  • Apuestas Deportivas (2016) (Arri Alexa + Zeiss Standard) (La Joya Producciones)
  • Sueldazo Once (2016) (Blackmagic Pocket + Zeiss 1.3) (DivisionQ)
  • Royal Postres (2016) (Scarlet Dragon + Sony CineAlta Primes MKII) (Ogilvy-Mather)
  • Frenadol (2016) (Arri Alexa Mini) (DivisionQ)
  • Unicef (2017) (Arri Alexa) (DivisionQ)
  • Central Lechera Asturiana (2017) (Red Epic Dragon) (Ogilvy-Mather)
  • Allianz Seguros (2017) (Red Scarlet Dragon) (Ogilvy-Mather)
  • Royal Postres (2017) (Red Epic Dragon) (Ogilvy-Mather)
  • La Lechera (2017) (Red Epic Dragon) (Ogilvy-Mather)
  • Samsung (2017) (Arri Alexa Mini) (DivisionQ)
  • Bankia Apple Pay (2018) (Arri Alexa Mini) (Aproductions)
  • Santander Rafa Nada (2020) (Canon C300 Mk3) (Sal Gorda)


  • Freak Mummy – Feels Much Better (Sr. Mayor, 2013) (Red Epic + Canon K35)As Camera Operator

As camera operator

  • TV SERIES: Cuéntame cómo pasó (9 chapters, 2016 season).

As producer

  • 8 (Raúl Cerezo, 2011)
  • No Mires Ahí (Daniel Romero, 2013)
  • Stela (Ainhoa Menéndez Goyoaga, 2014) (associate)
  • Mr. Dentonn (Iván Villamel, 2014)
  • Miedos (Germán Sancho, 2018) (associate)


  • Author & editor of the website HARMONICA CINEMA, with several hundreds of articles and film reviews from a cinematography point of view.
  • September 2012: I wrote an article about a short film I shot and sent it to AMERICAN CINEMATOGRAPHER together with the short, becoming the only Spanish short film ever covered by the Magazine on the SHORT TAKES section.
  • November 2014: I interviewed DP Santiago Racaj, AEC, on his work on the feature film “Magical Girl” (Carlos Vermut, 2014) for the magazine CAMERAMAN.
  • February 2015: I interviewed Óscar Faura for CAMERAMAN. He had been the first Spanish Cinematographer nominated for the ASC Award for Best Cinematography on Theatrical Releases for “The Imitation Game” (Mortem Tyldum, 2014).

As cinematography instructor

  • Escuela EFTI (Madrid, Spain) (2016-present)
  • Escuela ECAM (Madrid-Spain) (2017-present). Co-head of the Master in Cinematography (2019-2021)
  • Escuela TAI (Madrid, Spain) (2018-2021)
  • Instituto del Cine (ICM) (Madrid, Spain) (2019-2020)
  • Escuela ESCAC (Terrassa, Barcelona, Spain) (2019-present)
  • Universidad Francisco de Vitoria (2020-present)

Harmonica Rental

I co-own and co-run a Camera Rental House based in Madrid, Spain. We have film equipment such as several bodies of Arri Alexa (Mini, LF, etc) and have specialized on film lenses, owning a very large
selection of vintage glass (such as Super Baltars, Canon K35’s, Mitchell Hi Speeds, etc) and also modern lenses. We help students with great prices on packages for short films, and also rent equipment for
commercials, independent films and TV Series.



Spanish: native
English: profficiency level (have shot with English speaking crews as DP)

Awards and mentions

  • Short list for the Academy Awards (live action short film) in 2012 for “8” (Raúl Cerezo, 2011) (as DP and producer).
  • Brigadoon-Paul Naschy award Festival Internacional de Cine Fantástico de Sitges 2011, for “8” (as DP and producer as DP and producer).
  • Best Cinematography “Tabloid Witch Awards 2013” (Los Angeles, USA), “8”.
  • Mejor Fotografía en “Suspiria Fest 2013” (San Vicente del Raspeig, SPAIN), “8”.
  • Best Cinematography “Liberty Massacre 2013” (Philadelphia, USA) , “Mr. Dentonn”.
  • Mejor Fotografía en “Terrorific 2014” (Manresa, SPAIN”), “Mr. Dentonn”
  • Mejor Fotografía en “Suspiria Fest 2014” (San Vicente del Raspeig, SPAIN), “Mr. Dentonn”
  • Best Cinematography “Jive Azz Film Fest 2014” (Los Angeles, USA), “Mr. Dentonn”
  • Best Cinematography “Liberty Massacre 2014” (Philadelphia, USA) , “Mr. Dentonn”
  • Honorable mention Best Cinematography at “MBV Horror Film Fest” (USA), “Mr. Dentonn”
  • Best Cinematography at “Screen It Film Festival” (AUSTRALIA), “Mr. Dentonn”.
  • Best Cinematography at “Fantom Fest” (USA) , “Mr. Dentonn”.
  • Best Cinematography at “Madtown Horror Film Festival” (USA), “Mr. Dentonn”.
  • Best Cinematography at “Independent Horror Movie Awards 2016” (USA), “Mr. Dentonn”.
  • Best Cinematography at DaKINO 2016 (Bucarest, ROMANIA), “One Step Ahead”.
  • Mejor Fotografía en Cortopilar 2016 (Pilar de la Horadada, SPAIN), “La Chaqueta del Botones”.
  • Best Cinematography at First Rule of Film Club – Indie Showcase» 2017 (Widnes, UK), “Mr. Dentonn”.
  • Best Cinematography at “Donquest Fantasy & Sci-Fi Film Festival” 2017 (UK), “Mr. Dentonn”.
  • Best Lighting at “First Contact Film Festival” 2021 (USA), “Eco”.


  • Law degree at San Pablo CEU University